I Love Dr Barber

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| March, 26 2024 | for Donald W. Barber, MD
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I have been a patient of Dr Barber for about 34yrs . Dr Barber is a caring kind and Amazing Dr and i'm really gonna miss the friendship and care He has given me for yrs . He saved my life when he diagnosed my prostate cancer and detected it early . After my surgery Dr Barber was by my side and Helped me get thru some pretty tough times . When i couldn't work from my illness He put me on a MDVIP scholarship and kept providing me with Top notch care physically and mentally . So many things i would love to say about Dr Barber that have happened in the last 34yrs just can't possibly list them all . I Do know Dr Barber LOVE'S Tamales , Guacamole and a good salsa LOL . I'm Really gonna miss You Doc but Happy that you get to spend some well deserved time with your Wife and Family . God Bless you Sir and Enjoy Retirement .