I love her to death.

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| April, 17 2017 | for Julie K. Fox, MD

I was suffering with a severe Bronchial infection and had just returned from a cruise hardly able to breathe from such extreme coughing. Unfortunately for me, it was a day that Dr. Fox was not in her office. Long ago, she had invited me to call her on her cell phone if I needed to do so. This was an invitation that I rarely used. I called and she immediately responded and told me to meet her outside of a certain Physical Fitness Center and to do so in 15 minutes. I complied and upon my arrival, there she was. She jumped out of her car and came to my car door and told me to step out of the car. She listened to my heart and lungs and thumped on my back and checked my ears and throat and nose and felt my head and took my pulse.. Talk about Triage. She wrote two Scripts and told me to fill them and to go to bed ASAP and rest. I was speechless. She said call her any time but, if things got worse at night to go to the ER. The very next morning, she called and had me come to the office to be checked again.

HOW MANY DOCS WOULD DO THAT? This is just one example of her devotion to her patients. I love her to death.