I love her as a physician and a friend.

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| March, 2 2018 | for Karen C. Dantin, MD
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I have been seeing Dr. Dantin for over 25 yrs. I love her as a physician and a friend. Dr. Dantin was with me through illness and loss of my father and my sister. Her kind words and support helped me get through some very hard times in my life especially the loss of my sister in 2009. She and her staff helped me physically and emotionally. I couldnt ask for a better doctor to treat me. Her staff and husband are excellent they are always there to help, if its a phone call or a card with everyones signatures giving me support. I know I am suppose to rate 5 high but she is not on your rating. I pray she will be around to treat me for years to come. Thank you Dr. Dantin and Staff for all your kind words and help. Best doctor in Baton Rouge, she sits and takes time to listen when I am sick when other doctors allocate 10 min per patient.
Judy L.
Baton R.