I made a most-excellent selection.

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| March, 3 2018 | for Dorian S. St. Martin, MD

About 30 years ago, after my long-time primary care physician retired, I met Doctor Dorian St. Martin. I had selected him from a physicians referral service that had provided about eighty names that meet my criteria. His office was across town, but, based on his profile, he appeared to be a good fit for me. Its been a long ride since then, but, it turns out, I made a most-excellent selection.

In 2008, about a dozen years after becoming Doctor St. Martins patient, his practice joined the MDVIP network. Although the cost was initially of some concern, I was one of the first to sign-on to the MDVIP concept, with my primary motivation being for me to continue as Doctor St. Martins patient.

MDVIP recently contacted me and asked if I would share a story. Well, without further ado, heres a Doctor St. Martin story.

I had for a time harbored a suspicion that I had acquired Parkinsons disease (PK) or something akin to it, but a visit to a local neurologist and subsequent CT and MRI scans did not appear to point in that direction. The doctors prognosis was that I had suffered a proliferation of small strokes over my lifetime and my only recourse was to consult a neuro physical therapist - I opted out.

About nine months later, during a routine visit to Doctor St. Martin he noted the tremor in my right foot. Coupled with my complete loss of smell and my at-this-point somewhat shuffling gait he immediately went into his office and had a phone conversation with a neurologist he knew had some experience with PD. A timely appointment was made and it was determined that I had stage 2 Parkinsons disease. In the ensuing years Dr. St.Martin has monitored my progress and been effective in orchestrating a connection with me and one of the most preeminent neurologists in the vast Parkinsons disease treatment arena. Im at stage four of PD now (stage 5 is bedridden), but Im doing fine, thanks to Dr. St. Martin and MDVIP.

Steve ... Steve 79+