I must be very happy with Dr. Bill Hogerson‘s medical service and Caring

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| March, 12 2018 | for William B. Holgerson, MD
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I have been a patient of Dr. Hoganson for over 40 years and obviously I must be very happy with Dr. Bill Hogersons medical service and Caring to have stayed with him for this long time. Dr. Holgerson is at the perfect point where he has tremendous medical experience and knowledge and still has the youth and enthusiasm to serve his patients. He is particularly good at diagnosing medical problems and giving excellent solutions. His medical abilities have been recognized through many awards such as Boston magazine best doctors in Boston
Beyond just medicine I have unfortunately been through the recent loss of my daughter to cancer. During this time, Dr. Holgerson was very supportive and helping me understand the medical situation that Lauren was going through. This was especially important to me because Dr. Holgerson knew Lauren as a child and was her doctor for many years. He could totally relate to the anguish I was going through. Bill Hogerson is a very caring and unusually good person and anyone who is his patient is very fortunate.