I really do have the BEST doctor in the city

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| March, 12 2018 | for Elizabeth B. Maeder, DO

I can still remember the sadness that overwhelmed me when I found out that Dr. Kaminski was retiring and the hopeful but unsure feeling that I had sitting in the waiting room before our introductory meeting with you and Dr. Kaminski. There were two other women who had similar looks on their faces, and soon we were led back to a room. It took no time at all for you and Dr. Kaminski to totally erase any concerns that I may have had before meeting you. And my admiration for you has only grown. After the meeting when the other women and I walked out to our cars, we were such different people than we were an hour earlier-we were so excited to meet you and all of us said we were definitely staying and looked forward to calling you our Doctor. And to be totally honest, you have have been even better than I could have imagined - I really do have the BEST doctor in the city: caring, great bedside manner, brilliant, easy to talk to,... It's a good thing I don' t have to come with a negative - I can' think of a single thing. So great to be your patient!