I sleep better, and get up every day ready to keep going.

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| March, 11 2020 | for James W. Jacobs, MD
Image provided by: Carrie

I was a reluctant MVP convert. It was not my idea to ask Dr. Jacobs to be my doctor. It was a directive from my urologist. He wanted and needed a doctor on my "team" who would help coordinate my care. From my first visit, I knew I had found something better than a "healthy care coordinator." I had found a doctor who took the time to listen. To care. To take into consideration a complex medical past and a challenging day to day care program. I am so grateful I got pushed over the MVP clif into Dr. Jacobs care. Because he listens, thinks things through, and talks to me, I sleep better knowing I have a doctor who cares. I am also able to get up every morning ready to keep going knowing that if things slide sideways, he will be there to help me sort out what to do next. Thanks, Dr. Jacobs. Although you don't know it, you make my every day better. And healthier.