I thank Dr. Umstattd and his staff for always being there

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| March, 1 2018 | for W. Robert Umstattd, DO

Dr. Robert Umstattd; what can you say about a man as dedicated to helping others as he is?
It must have been around 2000 when I first saw Dr. Umstattd as my Bride took me there for a checkup. Both my Bride and I liked the way he presented himself, his mannerism as he was kind and honest when we were talking; yet firm on what we needed to do for our health. Over the years Dr. Umstattd saw my family and we continued with him as he transitioned to MDVIP. He was the one who caught my Brides cancer issues and worked tirelessly to accommodate both her, the family and me. He and his staff followed up with me after my Brides passing to ensure I was ok and did not feel so alone. They all had words of kindness and sincerity anytime I would bring up how difficult it was without her and never ceased to offer a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen to me should it be needed regardless of the time. How does he find the right words to comfort one so easily? God has blessed this man with a special skill and behavioral instincts to help all people.
He appears to be a great employer as his staff stays with him for long periods of time. He has the knack of choosing people to work with him that have the same mannerism as he does so you are never without someones support. All in that office are simply the greatest!
I thank Dr. Umstattd and his staff for always being there and caring passionately about what they do. You are admired by many and loved deeply, my friend!