i think Dr Lou is on vacation with me

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| December, 25 2020 | for Louis B. Malinow, MD

A while ago (pre-covid) i was on vacation in California with my wife and i had a cold and a bad cough. I called Dr Lou in the morning on the weekend and he texted back right away that the phone service is not so good at the beach where he was for the weekend so he contacted me from a different phone to get me a prescription. I had forgotten about the few hour time difference and apologized but he made nothing of it. i had to call him a few times and each time he got back to me within a few minutes. So it really felt like i had a private doctor with me on our vacation.
The truth is i shouldn't have been surprised because whenever we need him he responds quickly.
Also, just recently my shoulder was hurting and his great secretary scheduled a scan for the same day. When Dr Lou got the results he called me back right away and an appointment with a shoulder specialist was made for that same afternoon. It was hard to believe, from calling the doctor about the pain, to getting a scan, and getting an appointment with a specialist all within three days.
So, not only is Dr Lou a great doctor but he has a great staff also, always efficient, attentive and very courteous. ( I just wish i could lose some weight so he would be happier with me.)
Thank you Dr Lou for all you do!