I want to thank Dr. Manesh Patel for his continuous good care

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| March, 11 2020 | for Maneesh N. Patel, MD

I have been in Dr. Patel's care for many years now. I went through a serious situation 6 years ago when my tests showed that I had a serious ilness. Dr. Patel made contact with an excellent Dr. with knowledge and experience and asked her to take me as soon as possible. The Dr. Dr. Patel sent me to saw me that same day. Dr. Patel prayed with me, brought his wife to make me feel better. Every time I had an appointment with Dr. Patel, he was genuinely very concerned about my health. He followed up every time I had visits by making sure that I was taken cared of. He called me to give me the results from tests every time, he has always been prompt when I needed refills. I think I have the best Doctor and he most be recognized. Thank You Dr. Patel for your dedication and good work.