I want to thank Dr. Rex for saving my Dad's life.

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| February, 28 2018 | for Scott L. Rex, MD

My father had fallen ill and I brought him to the hospital. Our Doctor, Dr. Rex, is also on-call at this hospital and he examined Dad. Eventhough the x-rays were not showing it, Dr. Rex believed that my Father had pneumonia after analyzing his symptoms. He was correct. As my Father was being treated with fluids and antibiotics, he started drowning and he seemed to be getting worse and he had a high fever and his blood pressure was elevated. What I did not know was that Dr. Rex had already told the nurses to start my Father on lasix to remove the water, however, the nurses were not telling the full story of my father's condition to the Dr. and I started causing a commotion. I then called Dr. Rex (who almost always answers my calls and he did this time) and he came immediately to the hospital in a suit from an event. He saw the condition that my Father was in and immediately had Dad placed in the ICU with the best cardiologists and infectious disease doctors that the hospital had. He also spoke to me with a complete positive attitude and calmed me down. A few hours later, after my Father was treated with different medications and breathing treatments, his vital signs started improving. Slowly Dad improved each day and after 8 days between the ICU and then a step-down unit, in which Dr. Rex came every morning to check on him, my Father had finally beaten the pneumonia. Dr. Rex then consulted with me and was able to convince my Father to go to rehab for his legs at a facility because he knew that Dad was too week to go home. This rehab stint truly helped Dad and he is now in better shape than he was prior to getting sick and I want to thank Dr. Rex for saving my Dad's life.