I want to thank him for his care

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| March, 9 2018 | for Jeffrey T. Omer, MD

I am 67 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Omers for several years. On November 20th of 2017 I was experiencing slight chest pain . At that time of day my pain was not alarming and I was trying to relate it to a flu shot I had the day before. As the day went on my arms started to hurt and I called Dr. Omer office for his advice. He said that he had an opening at 3:30 if I wanted to come in to be examined. Since I have multiple health issues I have learned not to ignore symptoms, no matter how insignificant I may consider them to be. Upon arriving at his office, an EKG was performed and I was sent to Jewish Hospital to be examined. It is my feeling that Dr. Omer knew that I was having a possible heart attack and since his office is 2 blocks fro the hospital, I was only minutes away from treatment. Subsequently I was diagnosed with a 98 blockage in the main artery and a stint was implanted along with a balloon in the same artery, thereby avoiding severe damage to my heart. It is my good fortune to have the ability to be enrolled in the V.I.P. program, to have Dr.Omer for my physician, and for his office to be close to the hospital. It is my opinion that quick access to my Dr. and his immediate treatment were responsible for at least reducing the damage to my heart and very possibly saving my life. I also appreciate the hospital visits and the follow-up that Dr. Omer gave me. I want to thank him for his care, and share my experience with others.