I was NOT afraid of Covid

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| October, 20 2022 | for Michael K. Crawford, MD

We went to Dr. Michael Crawford even before he became a MDVIP, he was so good that we HAD to stay with him after he joined this group.
I was not afraid of Covid because of Dr. Crawford and his wonderful staff. He sent out a letter recommending certain things to take to build up our immune systems. Once we got covid and our home test proved it we called his office, and they called in what we needed to the pharmacy. Dr. Crawford had a plan and we worked the plan. His office staff is very responsive to calls or texts. In my mind I knew we had a plan, and I was not afraid. We wore masks if we needed to and didn't if it was not indicated. We walked in the sun most days and kept our regular routine as best we could.
Dr. Crawfords plan kept us going and out of the fear I saw in others. I'm so thankful we had him and his wonderful staff to take care of us.