I will be forever grateful to Dr Dodson for going the extra mile

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| March, 2 2018 | for C. Calvert Dodson III, MD, FACP

At my annual physical in the fall of 2016, Dr Dobson noticed that I was experiencing atrial fibrillation. Since I had just been exercising at the YMCA, I told him I felt fine and that something was wrong with his EKG instrument and to please check me again...which he did without hesitation or complaints. Guess what...the test was again the same... A Fib. He immediately arranged an office visit with a cardiologist...who verified the diagnosis...then arranged a hospital visit to image my heart for clots and finding none shocked my heart back into rhythm. This fix ,however, lasted less than a month before I was back in A Fib...so two weeks later, I had a cardiac ablation which has permanently corrected the issue.
I will be forever grateful to Dr Dodson for going the extra mile...identifying my heart arrhythmia even though I was in denial, arranging further care by a superb cardiologist, and subsequently coordinating my ongoing care and medications !!
Office visits here are always timely and even pleasant thanks to his wonderful staff of Barbara, Wanda and Stephen.