I will never change doctors

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| March, 12 2020 | for Ron Krauss, MD

In 1978, we moved to the area and needed a family physician. Dr. Krauss was fairly new in town and was taking new patients. We were pleased with the relationship from the beginning.
In 1980, I was pregnant with my third child and Dr. Krauss referred me to an obstetrician, so I didn't really see him for those 9 months.
In the evening, after the birth, I looked up to see Dr. Krauss. He had come to see how my (new) daughter and I were doing. I have never forgotten that.
When he transitioned his practice to MDVip, there was really no question about whether or not I would participate, even though it seemed expensive. After 40 years, he knows me so well and I trust him implicitly.
Just in writing that first check, I felt a new commitment to my personal health and started a weight loss program shortly thereafter. I've lost 30 pounds and have kept it off (well, mostly). I appreciate the in-depth testing that is conducted with MDVip, his explanations of the results, and the extra time that we can spend with each appointment. In 40 years, I've never felt rushed nor ill-attended and he has never given any indication that he was not giving his best. But I sense in him a renewed vigor for the practice of medicine, perhaps a return to the reasons he wanted to be a doctor this in the first place. He has all the zeal and enthusiasm of a brand new doctor coupled with all of the knowledge and wisdom that he has gained from a lifetime of commitment to his profession.
I am the luckiest patient in town!