I would not consider using another doctor for my overall health.

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| April, 12 2018 | for J. Daniel Mancini, MD
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Dr. Mancini quickly identified that I might have early signs of Parkinson's Disease but also performed a simple memory test. The beginning of short term memory loss was also present. The very next day I had a brain and neck MRI with a referral to a Neurologist for final diagnosis and treatment. I then had a DA-T-SCAN which ruled out Parkinson's while the MRI results identified another incurable condition known as NPH. Florida Hospital in Orlando is one of only 10 locations in the country that has an NPH program. It required a pre-drain of spinal fluid test to determine if surgery would help. I was one of the lucky 65 to qualify and experienced a 100 instant recovery with surgery insuring my ability to continue to be independent. I owe this to Dr. Mancini's quick diagnosis and actions, resulting in no permanent brain damage. The NPH program in Orlando was still in the research phase when I had my surgery on 5/31/16 but completed the research phase shortly after. I have done so well that on Feb. 16, I was asked to be their poster child for the program.

Dr. Mancini is always very perceptive relative to when things are not quite right and does not hesitate to refer me to a specialist if required and every specialist he recommends have also been excellent.

I would not consider using another doctor for my overall health. I have included a picture of me celebrating my 70th birthday on 8/21/17.