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Betsy ----- Elizabeth
| March, 21 2020 | for Diane Fabricius, MD, FAAFP

As one who has spent many long telephone minutes being put on "hold", only to finally be told that I can be seen by my (former) doctor in two weeks--I heartily send out a "Hooray!" to Doctor Fabricious for BEING here at the ready! Her cheerful greeting and medical knowledge can quickly dispel my feelings of anxiety,
frustration and perhaps a twinge of fear. She is on the frontiers of the latest medical research but can explain those huge impossible big "doctor words" to me.
She is curious and willing to explore medical mysteries I might present. I trust her when she advises me on what to do. The constant monitoring of my health
is new to me and I find it comforting (although that weight scale is always a threat!)
Her office staff and medical assistants are excellent, polite and diligent. Having a planned medical appointment in the future adds to the security.