I'm SO Lucky to have you Dr. Dunlop!

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| March, 15 2020 | for Eric Dunlop, DO

I don't have a specific moment to write about; all of my moments with Dr. D have been wonderful. I first went to him because I didn't have a doctor and he was my daughter's doc. I loved him right away! Caring, attentive and nice doctors are hard to find in our underserved area so I feel wildly lucky to have found this sweet guy:) I have fibromyalgia and other hard to manage diseases and Dr. Dunlop has been with me 100%. I imagine he (and all doctors!) must dread patients like me with hard to treat illnesses because there is so little they can do. Not once has Dr. D made me feel he was giving up or tired of it. He ALWAYS has worked with me to find solutions to new or difficult symptoms. And he really does work with me. He always lets me know what he thinks would be the best option but gives me other options as well and talks with me to figure out what would work best for me. That's amazing! It's amazing for obvious reasons but also because he is so smart he could easily just tell me what to do but he never does that. He is such a unique individual with this wonderful mixture of brilliance, caring, SWEETNESS (so totally sweet), knowledge, understanding and humor. I love his understated yet always present sense of humor. Actually there is one story when I wrote to him via the portal and mentioned a Fleetwood Mac song for some reason and I said I bet he was too young to even know what I was talking about. He wrote back that he knew ONE Fleetwood Mac song but I think he didn't remember which one! Did I mention he is sweet? I love that he shows me photos of his children. He is rightfully so proud of them! I always ask about his family because I like hearing about how much they've grown. He didn't have children when I first met him! It makes me feel like it's not always about me and these negative symptoms and problems. When I write to him via the portal he always, always answers promptly. I want him to know how comforting that is. Actually I want him to know how comforting he is in all ways. I seriously don't know what I'd do without him. Having an understanding doctor is so important with my random, difficult illnesses because I know there are still medical professionals out there who still don't even believe these things exist! Plus he is so intelligent that it is easy to trust that whatever he says is absolute. I trust him completely. Isn't that kind of rare for patients to feel? A shout out to his office staff. They are all wonderfully caring and funny incredibly kind. They make you feel like you are the only patient they have! I think Dr. D has created a culture of this type of care by choosing people who are like him. Really he is just a doll and alongside my now grown (way grown) children's locally revered pediatricians like Dr. Tedone and Dr. Rowland, he is my absolute fave. I never imagined there could be doctors like them but here he is! I want to thank him for all that he is and all that he has done for me. I really have thought how much worse these conditions would be if he weren't my doctor. God bless him.