Importance of genetic testing

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Fred S
| March, 11 2020 | for David A. LeVine, MD, CMD

In January, 2019, I had 3 stents placed on coronary arteries that had blockage of 95% or more. My only symptoms were shortness of breath after mowing the lawn for about 6 months prior to the diagnosis. While I feel that the cardiologists saved my life, I feel that Dr. David LeVine also helped save my life. After the stents were placed, My cardiologist prescribed Zetia, low-dose aspirin, atenolol, and Plavix. During that first week, I noticed that when I cut myself, my bleeding time was minimal. It was Dr. LeVine that suggested a genetic test to check whether the Plavix, and my other meds, actually were working (package insert says Plavix is NOT effective on 20% of the population). It turns out that I was one of the 20% that Plavix did NOT work on. Furthermore, the Prevastatin that I was taking for years to control my cholesterol was also not very functional. This genetic test shows a long list of drugs, followed by a red, yellow, or green dot, which indicates their functionality in each individual. As a result of this incident, I feel that Dr. David LeVine provided a life-changing, and perhaps a life-saving diagnosis and treatment.