Infected bug bite

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| January, 19 2024 | for Nami Khulusi, MD

I was bitten by something at a party. There were 2 bites on my lower leg that looked like a snake bit me. 2 bites looked like teeth marks. I immediately put ice as I swell from bug bites.
That night sleeping the itching was horrible. I tried everything..tried not to scratch.
It was impossible and was up all night. Next day put ice and neosporin on it as it was spotty red and swollen. For 4 days took care myself when finally was concerned it might be infected.
I called the office and saw Dr same day. He carefully removed the bandage and said it was slightly infected but I took very good care of it..I did a good job he said.
He cleaned it...examined it closely, put antibiotic on it and bandaged my leg.. Gave me rx oral antibiotics to take.
I am 75 and never had any dr recent 5 yrs ever go that far to care for my bug bite. My dr of 40 yrs retired and Dr Khulsi reminds me of him.. Other drs would've just said neopsporin and go home. He is so kind..listens and makes you feel just not a're a person a human being with feelings and a story. Reminds me of the way drs were when I was a child. A lot of drs today have lost their way...he has not!!