It feels like "My Doc" has been a life saver!

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| February, 17 2014 | for Steve Rosenbaum, MD, FACP
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It feels like My Doc has been a life saver! I left Curacao so unbelievably sick and went straight from the airplane to his office - he made me well! I didn't have to scrounge for doctors or worry about having someone to help me - it was wonderful!
I got bronchitis, had trouble breathing, couldn't get into a lung doc, called Dr. Rosenbaum and had an appointment by the end of the day. WhaT A RELIEF!
I have neck issue that can't be operated upon, but Dr. Rosenbaum has taken the time and expertise to put me on a routine and in a wonderful situation where the pain is being managed and even improving.
So, yes, its been a great story for me!