It has been a wonderful physician.

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| November, 30 2017 | for Mark J. Chyna, MD
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I will miss Dr. Chyna and his staff very much as we have moved out of the North Chicago suburban area. I first met Dr. Chyna in the mid 2000's before he became affiliated with MDVIP. He was the backup on-call physician for my primary physician who was treating me for a severe case of facial cellulitis with oral antibiotics. After a few tries of switching antibiotics; it still was not working and I was getting more ill. Fortunately Dr. Chyna's staff answered that day when I called my primary physician; he immediately had me come in. Within a few hours Dr. Chyna and his staff had me sitting in a very comfortable chair in the outpatient IV center for an infusion of Rocefin. Dr. Chyna was very concerned that the infection was getting close to the eye and began aggressive treatment. I was feeling better within a day and the infection started to subside. Dr. Chyna may have saved my life!! I immediately asked Dr. Chyna if he would be my primary physician and he agreed. It has been a wonderful physician / patient relationship ever since. It is hard to find physicians like Dr. Chyna; and I really appreciate organizations like MDVIP to allow general practitioner physicians who truly want to care for patients remain in practice. Thank you Dr. Chyna, and staff, and I look forward to developing a new physician / patient relationship with Dr. Herman in Columbia, South Carolina; my new home!