It’s a family affair!

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| March, 25 2020 | for Loretta J. Metzger, MD

Dr Metzger was our doctor long before she was a part of MDVIP. My husband and I felt lucky to be patients of this genuinely kind doctor who always gave us one things many doctors do not.......time. I have been an unusually healthy person until this past September. At that time I was struck by an illness which caused me to be hospitalized for several days and then rehab for an even longer period of time. I truly believe it was Dr Metzger’s persistence with the hospital doctors that saved my life. Even my neurologist told me I was lucky to have such a knowledgeable caring doctor on my side! In addition to my story, Dr Metzger took wonderful caring of my husband who had serious health issues. She monitored his health for over 15 years. She dialogued with his many other doctors to provide him with continuity of service that was outstanding. I lost my husband in 2017. Dr. Metzger was with us on his journey and then with me for the long healing process. And lastly, my mother moved in with me in late 2017. I immediately requested Dr. Metzger for my mother and she so kindly obliged us. It is truly a family affair!