It’s like having a doctor in the family

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| March, 11 2020 | for Manny P. Silis, MD

With a number of underlying health problems, some serious, it seemed as if I couldn’t get an understandable, holistic sense of my overall health. This was especially evident because my father was a physician and growing up I always had “an inside track” regarding my health, with an open door to expert care no matter the time of day or the triviality of issue.

Fortunately, I found Dr. Manny Sillis just as I was confronted with a convergence of symptoms and complications. Dr. Sillis spent considerable time listening, evaluating, and discussing everything with me while constructing a plan of care that expedited my recovery. Most importantly, Dr. Sillis patiently explained things and, for the first time since my father was involved with my care, I understood all of the variables and their interactions.

Dr. Sillis is always available and responsive regardless of when or where. A recent example
included advice dispensed when our family was in Austria and in need of his guidance and expertise. He reached us immediately and responded to our concerns, allowing us to optimize our situation.

I am grateful that Dr. Sillis is such an effective steward of our health and ever-ready resource. He’s like having a doctor in the family!

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