I've called a lot of people "Doc" in my life, none were better that Doc Lippelman.

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| January, 4 2023 | for John P. Lippelman, MD
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It's what everyone expects (and deserves) from a physician; their time and personal attention. I've been with Dr. Lippelman for five years and he's never failed to give either. He adds to that his dedication to his field, his constant study of advances in medicine, and his long experience in caring for patients and all of that has equaled the best experience with healthcare I've ever experienced or heard about.

Now, Doc's advice has kept me pretty healthy and my non-routine visits to his office have been limited, but every single time I have needed to see him and call for help, the answer has always been "How soon can you get here?" In an industry loaded with booked calendars and "...the doctor can see you in three weeks, go to the E.R. if it get's worse" the price of my MDVIP membership has always been the easiest money I've ever spent.

Doctor Lippelman and MDVIP - you cannot go wrong here.