Just love Dr. Ligon

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| March, 15 2020 | for Marilyn Ligon, MD, FAAFP

We were Dr. Ligon's patients before she decided to go with MDVIP, and to be honest, we had a hard time making that leap (for a variety of reasons), but I am glad we did. The next month after she started the MDVIP, we both got bronchitis (and neither of us are spring chickens). I got better in a few days, but my husband "sorta" did, so I called to get him seen. It was late in the afternoon, but she saw us then. She said he still had the bronchitis, but his chest still hurting (and his age) bothered her and she decided to do a cardiac draw and sent to the lab stat. The next morning about daybreak, she called and said she had his lab results and I needed to get him to the ER, that one of his heart enzymes was high and appeared he was on the verge of a heart attack. She had the ER staff alerted and they were waiting for us. We walked in, said who we were, and was taken straight back. To shorten this story, his enzymes all went up while he was there and everything was attended to ASAP. He had 1 artery 100% blocked and two more 96-98 blocked. He was admitted and had triple bypass surgery in a short time. (He had had his yearly physical just a few weeks earlier and everything was good. Cardiologist said that diabetes was the cause of the blockages.) He is doing very well now thanks to Dr. Ligon's intuition and caring. I am very sure that a "doc in the box" or a new GP (if we were fortunate enough to have even found one by then) would have picked this up so quickly or pushed so hard to get the ER staff waiting for us. I do believe that we absolutely made the right decision to do what we had to do to stay with Dr. Ligon and her staff.