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| March, 12 2020 | for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Last year I was experiencing stomach acid that would not abate. Dr. Sager was out of the country at the time I called in to say that the medicine I was using wasn’t working. His assistants got a message to him en route to his destination, and upon arrival, he called personally and advised me to go to the ER on the very small chance that this was a heart problem.

It was not, and I received appropriate care. However, a week later when I was still experiencing symptoms, he interceded for me with a gastroenterologist. Within a week or so, I had an endoscopy and a diagnosis of stomach bacteria, which were causing my symptoms. After an antibiotic regimen, I have not had a problem since.

Dr. Sager is the best at reacting appropriately and without delay in treating a problem. He is an excellent doctor, and he has been my doctor for many years now. I can’t speak highly enough of him.