Keep the old machine running well

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| March, 11 2020 | for Christopher Nevins, MD, FACP

My body has celebrated 87 birthdays and it has been used hard. And, it's still running pretty well 24/7. I remain active, cognizant, functional and still interact well with my family and the world on a daily basis. For all this I thank Dr. Chris Nevins, my MDVIP Doctor in Houston. Through the years he has identified and corrected or maintained issues that could slow you down considerably, (or completely). His semi annual physicals keep him (and me) on course. His access to experts in many of the specialities from cardiology to hematology to urology, to gastroenterology, to dermatology and so on means he leads a great team to support me. For this I say "Thank you from the bottom of my still functioning heart, Chris".