Kind and Encouraging

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| February, 12 2024 | for William T. Weiss, MD
Image provided by: Daphne

My MDVIP physician is William T Weiss, MD of Memphis, Tennessee. I have known Dr. Weiss, as my physician, a number of years even before he joined MDVIP.. He has taken care of my needs from not just a medical standpoint, but through kindness, thoughtfulness, education and encouragement. Kindness through the loss of family members. Thoughtfulness through changes in life as I have grown older. Educationally, as well through the Newsletters that are shared or when I’ve read about new procedures or medications available now . I have contacted him multiple times over the years as a patient with chronic pain from a back injury in 2005. His encouragement to stay physical after the injury and suggestions for different avenues to assist in my pain like acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy helped me through 8 half marathons. I can hear him say, “it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give it a try”. At my annual physical every year he truly seems excited when he goes over my reports and bloodwork. The past several years almost every category, I seem to improve in each year, and I feel his enthusiasm as he says, “you’re looking great, just continue what you’ve been doing because it’s really working for you”. I’m so thankful for Dr. Weiss and the MDVIP program. I appreciate him being there for me and for actually listening to my concerns. My family and I look for to however many years we may have in the future with Dr. William T. Weiss and his staff.