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| January, 25 2024 | for Sandra Levitt, MD

Dr levitt has been my physician for many many years. I can't think of any one particular moment when she changed my life because she's done so many things for me over the years. What I like best about Dr Levitt is that she listens to her patients and she is willing to work with me to come up with the best solutions for my particular situation. I am a very difficult patient and she has always been patient with me and kind and always willing to try new things. Over the years we've had some failures and some successes but it is a true partnership and I always feel comfortable when I go to see her I can always speak my mind and tell her the truth knowing that I won't be judged or looked down upon. What more could you ask for in a doctor. Your can tell she always wants the best for those who have entrusted their health with her. With much respect and regard.