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| March, 14 2020 | for Timothy A. Janz, MD

Dr Timothy Janz has been part of our "medical family" for over 15 years, even before MDVIP. He has always been available to us for whatever medical issues we have had....but recently, after returning from 4 weeks out of the country, I had a very serious health issue occur and to say that he "saved the day" is an understatement. I have lung issues and they have on many occasions, especially while traveling, ended in upper respiratory infections. I knew it was different this time, and so did he when I called him. I probably would have stayed at home but he made arrangements for me to enter the ER immediately at our local hospital, knowing it was more serious this time. My diagnosis was bilateral pneumonia and i was immediately admitted to the hospital. I was there for 7 days and he was also there every day, checking on my tests, but more importantly, sitting with me and explaining any new diagnosis, etc. and how I was progressing.
I still must apologize to him for the Sunday morning 7am call to his cell phone when I was in a panic about a surgical procedure they had decided to do that day. He very patiently explained the procedure and who would be doing me a definite sense of relief!
Thank you for being there for me........and for my family!