Knowledge + Understanding is Power

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| February, 16 2024 | for Joseph E. Allen II, MD

Throughout life I have been fortunate to have the best of medical doctors. Although not in the medical field, I come from a family of doctors.

After my wonderful internist suddenly retired in Memphis area, pursuant to recommendations from colleagues, I met with Dr. Allen and was immediately impressed.

My health is very good, but I always seek a preventative approach to wellness. In other words, catching an issue very early and solving or preventing a more serious issue from arising. As I have now shared multiple experiences with Dr. Allen, I can only say MOST EXTRAORDINARY. After one takes the initial blood work, Dr. Allen spent unrestricted time to EXPLAIN and discuss the results. Unlike many internists, Dr. Allen UNDERSTOOD the meaning of the results from some of these very detailed tests; yes, my cardiologist can explain the minutiae of the specialized heart tests, but no internists knew the differences of each kind of blood composition as did Dr. Allen. That is only one illustration there were many details. I note this for every patient is empowered with knowledge from their doctors. We must be the ones, who are primary in taking care of our OWN HEALTH.

So, I consider myself particular fortunate and hope others reading this will have similar experiences from their doctors for such will better your Life. It is that important!