Knows her patients and reacts immediately.

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| March, 17 2020 | for Hema V. Nathan, MD

Just 4 days after a perfect physical, I felt tired and fainted twice. My husband got appointment with Dr. Nathan. She ran an EKG findings were that I was not in sinus rhythm. She immediately sent me to ER met connected with Cardiologist and ER Dr in a consult. Booster did not get me back into rhythm so a drip was put in and I would be monitored. I was in an ER room watching everything going on EMT’s etc. 1:30 am, who comes in but Dr. Nathan checking on me. Not in rhythm, she had a hospital bed brought to ER ( no bed available ) on Telemetry floor. By 6 am, I was in rhythm. Bed available and she had ordered a series of tests. She is a force to have on your side when you have a health problem. My husband and I thank God everyday for the gift Of Dr. Nathan and the tremendous knowledge she passes onto us with each visit.