Life is better with Doctor Wang

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| March, 23 2020 | for Gordon K. Wang, MD

During a visit to Doctor Wang's office his nurse noticed my blood oxygen saturation was a little low. Doctor Wang ordered an overnight recording of my blood oxygen saturation. Those results showed my level went as low as the middle fifties. If left untreated, I would have died in my sleep. I owe the last two years of my life and more to come because of Doctor Wang's diagnosis of sleep apnea and placing me on an oxygen concentrator machine.

Judi had been having s problem with diarrhea. Having explained to Doctor Wang what had been going on for some time, he ordered tests that reveled Judi had collagenous colitis. Since that diagnosis and proper medication, Judi has been living as normal a life as possible. Doctor Wang practices preventive medicine. Every three months we have a scheduled visit with blood tests. These tests reveal if things are remaining the same or changing. Doctor Wang's mission, from our perspective, is to keep us out of a hospital or worse. To sum up, life is better with Doctor Wang.