Life is a journey

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| March, 13 2024 | for Donald W. Barber, MD

We are born empty handed and when we end our life we depart empty handed. The journey you take from birth to death has to be an enjoyable one. You choose the pathway so make sure you do what is best for you. Along the way we need help from others to guide us along the the right path. That is where you need a caring healthcare provider who can listen and guide you. Dr Barber has done just that. His detail to listening and applying his medical knowledge to his utmost has kept me healthy. Routine visits are like having a discussion about our journey in the past 12 months but the most assuring part is his availability when you are not feeling too well. Even after a busy day he will call and comfort you. Thank you for being a real healer. You are very special in our hearts. My journey has been filled with adventure. Thanks for being my true guide.