Life Saved !!!

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| March, 21 2024 | for Loretta J. Metzger, MD

Dr. Metzger has been my life saver for 26 years - not only because she is Brilliant but her Compassion- Kindness - Understanding of Mental Illness is Amazing !!! 2008 - life became extremely difficult for me. Having been diagnosed with clinical depression - even with medication I was suicidal !! I was sobbing when I called Dr.Metzger - she said to come in immediately - God Bless her - she adjusted my meds - explained a number of things about my mental illness and saved my life !!!! I am 82 yrs old and So Blessed to have Dr. Metzger in my life - could give many more examples of her being more than “ just” my Dr. Her staff is the Very Best !! They reflect everything Dr. Metzger believes in kindness and caring above and beyond. Thank You for letting me Thank Dr. Metzger in this manner for all her many Wonderful Qualities as a Dr. and as a Human Being !!