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| January, 22 2024 | for David M. Filsoof, MD

In July 2022, Dr. Filsoof requested I undergo a follow-up PET Scan to my normal cardiac examination, just to be sure. The PET Scan he directed me to undergo, identified a blocked coronary artery and Dr. Filsoof directed me to Cedars Hospital where further analysis determined that I had a total of 3 coronary artery's which were blocked. As a result I underwent emergency Coronary Triple Bypass Graphs through Open Heart Surgery at Cedars with a fantastic department of surgeons and assistants. All with close oversight by Dr. Filsoof. I have fully recovered and thanks to Dr. Filsoof, I continue to obtain outstanding medical oversight and I am particularly impressed by the manner in which he answers any of my medical questions and needs. I am able to send him an email with any concerns or questions and within minutes he returns it with directions and options, every time I inquire. I am turning 80 in February and convinced that my remaining days will be very productive, thanks to the care I receive from Dr. Filsoof. I am very thankful to have him as my primary care physician and count on his care for the future.