Linda's story about Michelle Tomlinson-Phelan, DO

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| March, 11 2020 | for Michelle Tomlinson-Phelan, DO

My name is Linda, I signed up for MDVIP this past June, and completed my assessment by early September which was very thorough, and conveniently scheduled for my busy schedule. After going through this process with Dr. Michelle Tomlinson, she explained in detail everything in layman's terms and took her time to ensure I understood my results from my EKG to my bloodwork. I had no idea how important this process was going to be in my life in the short months to follow. Early November, I experienced pressure in my chest along with shooting pain down both my arms while in bed resting. This pain escalated up my jaw and across my chest and shoulder blades. I contacted Dr. Tomlinson with my symptoms, who immediately told me to come to the office. I went to her office where she had been waiting for me to do an EKG. Once she compared my previous EKG from my assessment to the one just taken, she told me I had a heart attack and immediately got on the phone with a Cardiologist who took me in right away for testing. Shortly thereafter, I was in the emergency room and admitted. I felt like Dr. Tomlinson was with me the whole time. She communicated with the Cardiologist and others doctors constantly on my condition and treatment. She was well known in the hospital, and highly regarded by her peers. She had reached out to me personally to make sure I understood my treatment plan in the hospital and tracked my status. Once I was released from the hospital, she quickly had follow-up visits with me to ensure I was responding well to my medications. Dr. Tomlinson has always made me feel comfortable and a priority when I needed medical attention. To this day, I believe this might have had a different outcome if I had not joined MDVIP-affiliated with Dr. Michelle Tomlinson.