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Mary Jane
| March, 17 2024 | for Lisa A. Sardanopoli, MD

Dr. Lisa Sardanopoli has been my primary care physician since 09/18/2019 (approximately). Deciding to go with MDVIP, and specifically Dr. Sardanopoli, who was recommended to me by my cardiologist, was the best decision I've ever made. I have multiple, complex medical diagnoses, and was weary of schlepping my files between different hospital systems & specialists who didn't work together. She's everything you turn to concierge medicine for .... caring, never rushed, refers me to specialists she works with & they communicate with each other, and I can reach her any time I need to (via text) & she responds right away. I feel heard, and secure in the knowledge that she'll so whatever she can to support me. But I'd like to mention one especially kind thing she did for me in 2019. I was hospitalized (at Lankenau Hospital, where Dr. Sardanopoli's office is) with RSV, by my allergy/asthma physician, who took care of my respiratory illnesses before I met Dr. S, so I remained with him for a while. I was there for 9 days, very sick (I have lung damage from radiation for breast cancer, so that made it urgent). Dr. Sardanopoli came to see me every day after her working hours, encouraging my husband to help me out of bed and walk me around the nurses station, to prevent de-conditioning. One day, one of the nurses asked me who she was. I said she was my primary care physician. She was shocked. She couldn't get over the fact that Dr. S. was there every afternoon to check on me, even though she was not the admitting physician. She said she'd never seen a doctor do that before. I was very grateful to her for that, especially because my admitting Dr. was always rushed. Dr. Sardanopoli is the most caring and thorough doctor I've ever had. It was pure serendipity that my cardiologist recommended her; I just happened to be in her office and thought to tell her I was searching for a concierge doctor.