Long-distance care

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| February, 2 2024 | for Greg Beato, DO, CAQ, FACOI

Just before I went on vacation last summer, I got a nasty laceration on the top of my ankle that was sutured on Saturday at a walk-in clinic. Ten days later on the other side of the continent, the sutures were removed and despite my having taken a prescribed antibiotic, the wound became infected. When I texted him a photo, Dr. Beato faxed an order for a more suitable antibiotic to a pharmacy where I was staying, but by the time I returned home, the infection had worsened. Dr. Beato then personally contacted a local surgeon, who reopened the wound and performed follow-up treatments. In about a month, the wound healed. It was a painful and frightening experience that would have been much worse if Dr. Beato had not responded quickly and helpfully. I'm always grateful for his routine care and for this particular emergency attention.

(P.S.: I really like MDVIP except for the gnarly website. There's no place except here to say this, and I'll award five stars, but I'm hoping for a more user-friendly revision soon!)