Long friendship with Dr Walker

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| March, 11 2020 | for Wendy Walker, MD

We chose Wendy Walker for our Primary Care doctor when our daughter turned 20 and was too old for a pediatrician over 20 years ago. Wendy had just come to serve in rural Petoskey as a young doctor. Her followers grew to a very large number as she was sought after as the best primary care doctor in Petoskey. She became President of Northern Michigan Hospital, is part owner of Little Traverse Primary Care. She and her husband Rob who is the business manager have raised 3 fine children. Wendy has always been very thorough and communicative and attentive. The change to MDVIP has generated several enhancements to our medical care. On the first level -Environment. The office has private entrance off of parking lot. Small reception area where we never wait but a few minutes. Soothing colors and photographs on the walls. Very pleasant restroom with epoxy over wood counter top All the staff from reception to medical are friendly, respect and helpful. The annual and semi annual evaluations are very in depth. They are designed to educate, and help develop an individual plan for a healthy and long future. Dr. Walker encourages and plans with the patient respectful of the person’s willingness to comply. She delves much deeper than the obvious. For example my husband, had elevated blood pressure that was not changing when he made life style changes. 3 winters ago while in Florida he had headaches every 3rd day for several months . He had what I thought was a TIA lasting a brief moment. He had sparkles in his eyes. Wendy looked at many factors and determined that he had had a slight stroke and treated him with additional medication beyond blood pressure. For myself I had enjoyed sweets daily like 2 bowls of ice cream. Being able to maintain 5 feet tall and 110 pounds seemed good to me. However, testing showed that I was pre-diabetic. (My mother was a diabetic). In response I started swimming 2 miles a day 5 to 7 days a week and no sugar or processed foods. After 2 years I am not pre-diabetic, have increased muscle mass and weigh 100 pounds. Wendy’s testing, instruction and encouragement have made the difference between great health and compromised health for Bill and me. We are very grateful for her faithfulness to her patients.