Loretta Metzger, M.D.

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| March, 9 2024 | for Loretta J. Metzger, MD

In October of 2022, my husband contracted COVID. He had a severe, lingering cough as a result. In addition, he had a significant weight loss over a period of time. Our physician, Dr. Loretta Metzger, insisted on a chest x-ray, which showed evidence consistent with pneumonia. The radiologist recommended a 9-week follow-up. Dr. Metzger was having none of that 9-week follow-up! She ordered a CT scan immediately after the pneumonia treatment (about 3 weeks later). The CT showed areas of concern, so Dr. Metzger quickly ordered a PET scan. This too came back suspicious, so she ordered a biopsy. Bottom line, my husband was diagnosed with stage 1A non small cell lung cancer. The recommended treatment was removal of his lower left lobe of his lung. Dr. Metzger stayed invovled at every stage of this process. Her office facilitated all visits: the pulmonary function test, the recommendation and appointment with the surgeon and oncologist, and she kept in touch with me through the entire visit, to include calling me on a Sunday while my husband was in the hospital, and two weeks after he was released, sending us back to the ER because she was concerned about a clot in his lung.

Without Dr. Metzger's persistence, follow through, and incredible instincts, my husband's lung cancer would not have been caught very early, and we actually heard the words "cure" and "lung cancer" in the same sentence. My husband's oncologist told us that without Dr. Metzger's insistence on that early x-ray, he could have gone undiagnosed for much longer, perhaps until it was very late stage.

Dr. Loretta Metzger saved my husband's life. Full stop. Eternally grateful!! She is the best!!