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| July, 30 2021 | for Randal P. Riesett, MD

At 85y old I had visited an orthopedic doctor for pain and swelling in my knee followed by swelling in my elbow over a period of one year. In both cases he
relieved the swelling by removing the fluid. He said some joints just swell sometimes and we have no explanation. Shortly after about one year i visited Dr. Riesett. Either I went to Dr. Riesett for a physical or some other reason; as soon as he walked in the room, even before examining me
he said "I've just looked at your record (of the orthopedic). Based on your active life in the outdoors....gardening, hiking, hunting, camping etc.....I want you
to be checked for Lyme disease.'' Can't recall exact details, but I was positive for something like 18 of the 20 proteins or indicators of some sort. Within a week I was on antibiotic and all symptoms cleared up. There has been not return to Lyme. I'll be 88 in 4 months; I was and am grateful for Dr. Riesett's diagnosis and guidance.