A Match Made in MDVIP Heaven!!!

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| March, 27 2020 | for Dr. Alyssa M. Degnan

When my previous primary care provider decided to move out of state, I asked him who he would recommend I transfer my care to; he strongly recommended Dr. Alyssa Degnan. Boy, was he ever correct in his assessment!!! I have been fortunate to be followed by Dr. Degnan for a number of years and I greatly appreciate her honesty, how she makes you feel special, her integrity, and her humor. She is one of the women the LORD has put into my life to challenge my thinking and approach to certain aspects of my life. She was instrumental in getting me to where I needed to be when I began to experience symptoms of tripping which eventually led to my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Even in her previous practice when she did not have as much time to devote to each client because of the numbers on her caseload, she still took the time to listen. I appreciate the way she talks and walks me through the diagnostic process whenever I present with an issue. I feel she was quite brave in stepping out to begin her own practice; I feel it has been more fulfilling for her as a physician and her peace/happiness are very apparent. Thank you, Dr. Degnan, for your care and compassion all these years!!! Happy Physician's Day!!!