May God greatly bless Dr. Lovelady

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| February, 28 2018 | for Steve Lovelady, MD

When Dr. Lovelady first went into the MDVIP program I wasnt in a financial situation to go into the program. I was deeply saddened that I was going to lose the best Dr Id ever had. Looking for another Dr was a nightmare. The ones who would see me were very curt and wouldnt listen to me and other Drs. were not taking new patients. It was an agonizing period for me. Thankfully, after a time, the good Lord sent me the financial means and I immediately went into
Dr. Loveladys MDVIP program. I have been extremely blessed to have Dr. lovelady in charge of my health problems. He and his staff are just the best of the best. He LISTENS to his patients, always giving his full attention and time. Always takes the time to answer ANY questions and explains things in a way anyone can understand. I absolutely trust his judgement in every area of my health from simple lab tests to major occurrences. I will be forever grateful that my Lord put Dr. Lovelady in my my life when I was going through the early days of health problems and getting the right diagnoses and individual treatments suited to my situation. May God greatly bless Dr. Lovelady and his staff for their service!