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| January, 19 2024 | for Elizabeth Y. Boehme, MD
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I ve been with Dr Elizebeth Boehme for a dozen years since 2012. My wife was in Dr Boehme's MD VIP program earlier than myself and we shared the service until 2018 when my wife passed away. The close relationship which can develop over multiple years of working together can drastically improve patient and MD effectiveness. This is the case with Dr. Boehme, with my wife and now with me alone. Ive never sent a text and question which was not answered very quickly and resolved immediately. References provided for medical specialists have proven to all be of high value every time. Dr Boehme is an inspiration in helping me lead a healthier life and is a great arbitrator with any MD specialist I may engage with. At 75 I still engage in nearly any activity I chose and I travel worldwide every year and enjoy great experiences without significant limitations.