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| January, 28 2023 | for Debra A. Fast, DO
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As a short-term patient (5/22) to Dr Debra Fast and MDVIP member, I feel a need to preface my story with these facts. I travel 9 months a year with a racing series and we crisscross the USA, 4 times during that time. I live full time in my motor home. I believe having the MDVIP network in tow, so to speak, provides a VERY valuable component to my health care. In addition, my home base is in New Mexico but I seldom get there because I winter in Florida, November through January. I have not had a PCP in several years, prior to connecting with Dr Fast through the contact help of good friends in Wooster Ohio. In my travels, I happen to spend a significant amount of time in Wooster, due to its location being somewhat central to race tracks we frequent. You can probably see a picture being painted of the value, of being an MDVIP member AND a doctor committed to the healthcare expectations I and probably everyone, wants. My first experience and one that so far, is proving to show that having the Dr Fast/MDVIP team in my corner, was a smart move. In 9/22 I had a battery of lab work done. A couple of weeks later, I had an appointment with Dr Fast to go over the results. Not having had a PCP for many years, I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about what to expect during the follow up and CERTAINLY did not expect a 2 hour window allocated for that. Dr Fast spent 2 ½ hours with me, going over the lab results. Covered every item and explained causes for poor/marginal results and suggested steps for improving those. AND, explained things being done right, that rendered good results. We even discussed mental health matters/concerns! I have never had as comprehensive a physical or any form of health care exam as what Dr Fast and her assistant Chelsea, did. I was simply left in awe! The story continues. Upon her analysis of a chest x-ray, Dr Fast saw a couple of spots that seemed abnormal. She didn’t feel it was urgent to immediately follow up with a CT Scan but did suggest we get that done. Knowing I would be leaving Wooster and would be in Florida in a few weeks, she felt waiting until Florida would be OK. After arriving in Florida and locating a facility that could do a CT Scan, Dr Fast placed an order for one. From 1200 miles away! The scan results were in turn, transmitted to Dr Fast. Upon review of the scan, a mass was revealed that concerned Dr Fast. The location of the mass was one that she was familiar with, which was a good thing. She explained to me, there was no need to panic but we should consider further examination, possibly a biopsy. Dr Fast asked if I could get to Akron, OH for a biopsy procedure. After telling me SHE didn’t have to see me for that procedure, I asked if going to MD Anderson in Houston was an option, since I already have a lot of history there. Without hesitation, she said she would work on that, knowing that MD Anderson is a member of the Medical Center of Excellence, associated with MDVIP. Within three days I had appointments set up at MD Anderson. I made my way to Houston and after visits with two doctors, another CT Scan, an ultrasound procedure, AND access to history data available to doctors there, it was determined that a biopsy was not necessary at that time. The doctors suggested a follow up CT Scan in a few months. If that reveals mass growth, if any, a determination for the need of a biopsy will be made then. All of this, ASIDE from the fact that I didn’t have to go through a biopsy procedure, the entire process involving multiple facilities, several procedures, several doctors, nurses, assistants and practitioners; would not have gone as smoothly, had it not begun with Dr Fast and MDVIP! Thank god for this network!