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| March, 29 2020 | for Julie K. Fox, MD

I can't imagine there is a doctor more detailed, more thorough, and more persistent than Dr. Julie Fox. She has been my primary care physician for over 30 years, well before she became affiliated with MD-VIP.
A number of years ago, I consulted her for a persistent cold. While examining me, she asked why my right hand was swollen. I replied I didn't know; it had been a bit stiff the last few days. She immediately decided to take another blood draw. The next day she called with very specific instructions: call this Rheumatology Practice immediately and take the first appointment you can get with any of the doctors in the practice. My readings for Rheumatoid Arthritis were very high; she wanted further assessment. As it turned out, further tests revealed I had early aggressive RA which has been under control with medication for many years.
Without her astute observations, I would not have suspected such a diagnosis or sought treatment at that time. I always know that I can rely on her to pursue anything she considers questionable until she is satisfied that we have all the information we need to understand what is happening. She doesn't hesitate to consult with the appropriate colleagues for any issue. No matter what health issues may arise for me, I know I have the best medical expertise at my side when Dr. Julie Fox is there.