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| March, 17 2020 | for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

Our very dearly beloved original MDVIP doctor retired, with whom we had an excellent relationship for years. He'd been there for us through my father's Alzheimer's Disease complications and had visited the hospital each day advising us until the day of his passing with excellent insight into what was transpiring. So, needless to say, we were concerned that we were just exceptionally blessed (and we were) and that as the torch was passed with those big shoes to be filled, that we would not have the same relationship with our next MDVIP doctor.

I will definitely tell you, blessings can come in many ways. Even though our original doctor will always be loved, Dr. Scott Hoffman has done a wonderful job with filling those shoes. He is like part of our family! He has far exceeded what I thought would've been the scenario after such an excellent previous experience. He continues the same excellent care and gives my 87 year old mother wonderful hugs! He's a blessing and we really love him! He allows me to share concerns about my mom's health, and always listens and shows such kindness to her.

My mother, husband, myself, and my in-laws are all patients of his practice. I will never go back to a non-MDVIP doctor, if I don't have too. You can be seen quickly and you never feel Dr. Hoffman is in a hurry to move on to the next person. He's a tremendous comfort to my mom and our family, and sometimes that's the best medicine. He's a trusted member of our family now. Thank you, Dr. Hoffman! Please know you ARE a blessing! Our family loves you!