From Military Brat to patient

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| March, 12 2020 | for Gerard W. Boynton, MD

My Dad joined the cavalry in Ft. Brown, Brownsville, Teas after high school in Corpus Christi. I still have his McLellan saddle. When Pearl Harbor was hit, he decided he'd rather be flying than horseback. He joined the Army Air Corp and graduated in the first class at Luke Air Force Base, AZ. He flew in Europe and the Pacific, Korea and Vietnam where he was squadron commander, achieving full colonel status. In the military when medical attention is warranted, one goes to the dispensary and wait your turn. I had a broken arm from a less than graceful exit from my horse, a dog bite over my right eye when I tried to kiss my uncle's dog goodnight but was rebuffed. In fact, I didn't really have my own doctor until in my 60's and met Dr. B who became MY doctor! I feel special, honored really to have him as my doctor, my confidant, etc. Thank you, Dr. B! Patricia